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Mock-up break-down: Merry Khaos

We put it to a vote last night to see who would get the next mock-up and the fans of Merry Khaos came in droves – beating out her opponents by almost twice as many votes! This mock-up is a lesson in special instructions to reach an even deeper level of customization. Let’s check it out…


Choosing the colors for this design was relatively easy. As explained before, the idea is to go simple-simple-simple… don’t use too many colors! Orange and black are the Dutchland Derby Rollers main colors so it was a no-brainer using them. The Dutchland Derby Rollers logo uses an “Ye Olde English” type font and luckily we have an exact match in our list of available fonts – it’s call “Old London” and available when you click the “adjust font” button in the designer.

Choosing a background color on the Miss Boss design is always a little tricky. It is very easy to pick colors that clash and distract in a major way…

Sure blue & orange go together, but holy distracting!

Sure blue & orange go together, but holy distracting!

Eek, no! Instead I chose two similar shades of a dark grey to add a little contrast, but do not pull too much attention away from the skater.

Much better!

Much better!

So now we have a pretty decent looking design, but there needs to be more. MORE! Perhaps we think Merry’s jersey looks a little plain… and maybe none of the fonts we can choose from really work for her name. Well lucky for us, there is a spot where we can enter in a special request for our design.


When an order comes in with special instructions we do our best to accommodate all requests (although some requests are a little crazy — you know who you people are!). Putting the Dutchland team logo on this design is a piece of cake because the skater is facing us straight on. On other designs it might not be that easy and the request might not be able to be fulfilled. If you REALLY want your logo in the poster other ideas might be to attach the logo to the helmet or even have it be part of the background. With most special requests we send a proof to the customer to sign off on – we want to make sure you love what you are getting!

The hex-colors and fonts for this design are as follows:
Background: #7A7A7A
Border: #FFFFFF
Stripes: #757575
Jersey Front: #171717
Jersey Sides: #E05A00
Text Line 1: #FFFFFF  (Custom: Wisdom Script)
Text Line 2#171717  (Old London)


.. and that’s it!

Making your own mock-up is a breeze — take 5 minutes and try it yourself on our website.
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Mock-up Break-down: Half Pint Hellian

Our latest mock-up is that of Half Pint Hellian of Man’s Ruin Roller Derby. She went toe-to-toe with Debby Does D Block of the Brisbane City Rollers in a vote to see who was featured in our next mock-up. In the end the Australian pulled out a few more votes, but the battle was so much fun that we HAD to do a mock-up for Half Pint as well.


Making this mockup was rather easy. I knew I wanted to use our Fast Lane Femme design. I needed to find a good picture of Half Pint to go off of so I used the following picture as my basis:

I matched her uniform quite easily – the blue from her shirt, the black shorts and, of course, the gold helmet. I even noticed that she has blue wheels so I did my best to match them. The skates, and elbow/knee pads were made a little darker. Everything else I made a slightly different shade of blue so it would be a little different, but not too intrusive. The font that Man’s Ruin Roller Derby uses for their logo just happened to be one that we already provide (although any font can be requested) so that was a snap to make happen. I felt that the border needed to be dark to “hold the action in” so I used the same black that I used for her hair, shorts, skates and pads.

And just like that – viola! Half Pint Hellian!

The hex color codes are as follows:
Background: #FFFFFF
Bottom Swoosh: #397A8A
Top Swoosh: #74AEBD
Stars 1: #02546B
Stars 2: #00A9D8
Stars 3: #FFFFFF
Stars 4: #FFFFFF
Skate Highlights:#00A9D8
Skates: #1E2021
Tall Socks: #FFFFFF
Small Socks: #1E2021
Sock Stripes: #00A9D8
Pads 1: #626263
Pads 2: #1E2021
Shorts: #1E2021
Shirt: #00A9D8
Shirt Edge: #FFFFFF
Hair: #1E2021
Skin: #FDE8D9
Helmet: #E39D35
Helmet Star: #1E2021
Helmet Stripe: #E39D35
Line 1: #1F1F1F
Line 2: #1F1F1F
Border: #1E2021

Making your own mock-up is a breeze — take 5 minutes and try it yourself on our website. As always, like this post if you found it useful and post any comments below or on facebook.